You Shall Not Steal

Stealing is something people of all ages do. The 8th Commandment God gave man was to not steal. We will look at several ways in which people can steal from each other, including the most important way, to neglect loving our neighbor.

You Shall Not Commit Adultery

Adultery is an ugly word, it’s an even uglier sin. We all would agree that those who commit adultery are not in step with Christ. But once again, adultery goes well beyond the actual act of infidelity; it begins in the heart and mind. We’ll discuss this very awkward and very serious sin.

You Shall Not Murder

Commandment #6 is the the most ancient commandment ever written upon man’s hearts and it’s so obvious it need not be stated. And yet it hides more truth than any of us could have imagined.

Honor Your Father and Your Mother

This time we study Commandment #5 – Honoring your father and your mother. This is well-timed as we find ourselves between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Perhaps the Lord will encourage us all to honor our parents much more than we do now.

Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

In this podcast, we’ll look at the trickiest Commandment of the 10 Commandments; keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Are we as 21st century followers of Jesus supposed to observe the Sabbath, disregard it or something in between? The answer may surprise you.

Do Not Take the LORD’s Name in Vain

We continue our study into the 10 Commandments. This time we look at how important it is to keep the Name of the Lord holy and hallowed. There is more than just one way to take His Name in vain and we’ll discuss a few of these.

No graven image

We continue our study into the 10 Commandments and their relevancy for today’s Christian. Commandment #2 is very similar to Commandment #1, yet it’s also unique. We’ll discuss this.

Have no other gods

In this series of podcasts, we’ll be studying the 10 Commandments and their relevency for Christians today. This time we’ll look at Commandment #1 “Have no other gods”.

The Debt of Love from Romans 13

What is it like to be in debt? It’s horrible. Except there’s one debt that Christians should embrace as a command from God. We’ll explore this truth from Romans 13.