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Graduating From Church? Helping Your Students Transition out of Youth Group
By Mel Walker
( Posted on the RBP Student Ministries Web site on September 12th, 2008.)
The classroom seemed somewhat empty this Sunday without the presence of last year’s seniors. Obviously, we knew they were leaving. Our team of youth workers went to their graduation ceremonies in June, and several people from the church went to the kids’ open-house celebrations. It was fun to look at the old photographs their parents had displayed. Yeah, we knew these kids were leaving our group at some point. Most of them had attended this church since they were little. But this was the first week they didn’t come to our senior high Sunday School class—and we missed them.
We reminisced a little bit about each of these kids and talked about what each had contributed to our youth program. Let me tell you about a few of last year’s seniors. Stacy came to everything we did and always sat in the front. She contributed to every discussion, called visitors, and demonstrated solid leadership skills throughout our ministry. She left early last week to attend a well-known Christian university in the Midwest.

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