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I Want Busy Kids in Our Student Ministry PDF Print E-mail

 “I Want Busy Kids in Our Student Ministry”

By Tim Ahlgrim
Youth workers need to stop whining! Students are busy, active, and stressed. The result of this activity is that they do not have enough time to attend our meetings and church. We are discouraged and maybe feel rejected. Soon we express our discouragement by complaining about the kids’ lack of commitment or interest in church. I have heard youth workers who make busyness of students a spiritual issue. Activity becomes sinful because we have tossed the gauntlet of proof to the kids. If they are committed to Christ, they must prove it by attending church more and attending their activities less. If our students do not respond as we propose they must not be committed to the Lord. I believe we should change our attitudes and actions toward busy kids and begin to devise ways to reach and minister to them. Stop our whining!

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